Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria


Above all, we are grape growers

Five generations of grape growers rooted in San Vicente de la Sonsierra has built a history of complicity between the man and the vine to extract all the virtues of a unique variety, the Tempranillo, applying all the efforts to transmit its expressiveness in outstanding wines of utmost purity and terroir’s reflection.

Marcos Eguren, as winemaker, and Miguel Eguren, as general manager, overview a project committed to the searching of wines that evoke the vineyard, of great versatility and remarkable personality.

The family has built a collection of new classic, long-lasting wines, that ensemble fruit, power

and structure with elegance, freshness and subtlety.

Sierra Cantabria, Viñedos Sierra Cantabria, Señorío de San Vicente and Viñedos de Páganos are the family projects in DOCa. Rioja, alongside Teso La Monja project in Toro and Dominio de Eguren for the wines from the main Spanish wine regions.  The family and the wineries possess national and international recognition, accredited by awards and distinctions.




As a wine-making family with roots in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, we stand by a business

strategy based on the pillars of our family, guaranteed by shareholder stability and a firm

dedication to our work.


We adore all that is small, exclusive, and well-thought out. Pampering every last detail, a

delicate touch throughout the process and perfect results define our work.


We aim for the utmost excellence throughout all the stages of our work. As we are faced with

the challenges of continually improving the quality of our wines; reaching new markets; and

developing exclusive wines that respond to the expectations, needs, and desires of our customers, we work with passion, an innovative spirit, and creativity.



We understand that in order to create great wines, we must first go back to our roots and practice the same viticulture as our great grandfather Amancio –to work in harmony with nature by understanding and observing it in order to obtain the purity of the terroir.

We work according to nature’s cycle, by means of observation and Astrology, and carry out our tasks accordingly to as to create a close link with the vineyard and the environment.

We work close to the land, in dialogue with the land, to connect with the idiosyncrasy, with our terroirs’ spirit.