Tresserra Collection


Fine furniture by Jaime Tresserra. Barcelona-New York. Since 1987

Tresserra Collection is a Spanish company that manufactures and exports worldwide Mr. Jaime Tresserra designs. With a trajectory of more than 30 years, its collection consists of more than a hundred pieces of furniture as well as lighting and luxury accessories.

Endowed with a remarkable personality, Tresserra designs bring together the most positive features of modern design:  handcrafted experience, the use of fine materials, Mediterranean sensibility, and a very contemporary creative and functional approach.

His designs appeal to the individual’s direct sensitivity, to their ability to be moved by the objects around them. His creations seduce you by the beauty of their lines, the fine texture of the materials employed and by the exquisiteness of the finishes.

The work of Jaime Tresserra is spreading as well to create unique pieces of furniture made to order for special interior design projects; furniture that refers to the main line spirit of his work, combining the creation of new pieces for his collection and designing customized exclusive furniture for his clients’ special projects as well as  various  private homes in cities across the five continents.

With headquarters and production in Barcelona, ​​Tresserra Collection made a huge step forward in his international career by opening a brand new store in the Upper East Side of New York.