T.ba is not a place, is a feeling 

T.ba was born in 1999 as a cosmopolitan concept of countryside clothes, evolving to the fashion world without losing its identity which makes its collections so special.

Further than submitting to market trends, T.ba seeks something unique and different, timeless and innovative.  A brand that achieves these values thanks to subtle details and elegant patterns that makes the collections burst with femininity and romanticism.

“To create my collections, I reclaim details and inspiration from other times, transforming them into current trends,” says Mercedes, founder and creative director.

We look for fabrics of very high quality and sometimes we manufacture some exceptional ones that are no longer found.  Always eager to work with workshops in Spain.

Being aware of the environmental impact of the textile manufacturing processes, we use, as much as possible, fabrics with natural components, we are great advocates of wool as a sustainable fabric. We experiment with enzymatic baths and natural dyes. And above all, we believe that the fabrics have to be natural and durable; we like to see how our articles age elegantly, improving over time and use.

T.ba is present in 22 countries in multi brand boutiques, with its own stores in Madrid and London. We export more than 75% of our production. The United Kingdom and The United States of America currently being the two main markets.

In August 2011 the T.ba store in Madrid was opened, being an important experience for the brand. Not only for the information that comes from the end customer, but for the possibility of creating and conveying the spirit and style of the brand. In December 2014 T.ba opened its Chelsea store in Sloane Square – London and in 2017 opened a second store in this city in Mayfair area.

T.BA ongoing projects include its online store.