Rosa Oriol Atelier Tous


Our heritage inspires our future

In 1920, Salvador Tous Blavi and his wife Teresa Ponsa Mas opened a small watch repair workshop, which little by little shifted into the world of jewelry. In 1965, Salvador Tous Ponsa (the founder’s son) married Rosa Oriol Porta. With their vision and creativity, this union of talents created a new concept of jewelry.

In the 70s, Rosa Oriol began to personalize her clients’ jewelry, making contemporary creations that reflected the tastes of a new generation. On the heels of this success, Rosa began designing her own jewelry in the 80s. Thanks to its fresh originality, it filled a hole in the market and stood out for its authenticity.

Between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, the four daughters of the Tous marriage entered the family business. They were: Rosa, Alba, Laura and Marta.

With a presence on five continents in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Mexico City and Dubai, Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS expresses the jewelry expertise of TOUS.

The Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS was created to offer a unique jewelry style. Its unique jewels are innovative and fun. They are made from the highest-quality precious stones and through an exhaustive handmade process that reflects the brand’s jewelry-making tradition.

Rosa Oriol designs jewelry that aligns with the creative concept of the company and comes from different sources of inspiration: the shapes and colors of nature, her journeys, the small details of everyday life… All of these inspirations are combined with the beauty of the gemstones, her greatest passion.

The creative process of the Atelier TOUS combines artisan techniques with the spirit of enjoyment derived from creating excellent, handmade jewelry. In that vein, Rosa Oriol creates surprising, sophisticated and unique jewelry full of character.

“Jewelry is my life, gemstones are my passion. Gemstones that set their own destiny based on their unique character.

I’ve had fun with them, and I’ve sought out infinite combinations of colors and shapes to create unique jewelry that express feelings.”  Rosa Oriol

This collection by Rosa Oriol is made up of one of a kind jewelry in exclusive, handcrafted shapes. It has been designed for any occasion and woman, using high-quality, superior materials that have been carefully selected by hand.

This special jewelry proposal with selected and lively pieces can be found in selected brand stores, and also can be browsed on the TOUS website in the Atelier section: