Real Conservera Española


Real Conservera Española result of the best raw materials of the Rías Gallegas.

Real Conservera Española is a business project that continues a family saga of more than 90 years and three generations dedicated to the industry of Canned Fish and Seafood.

Quality is the hallmark of Real Conservera, a company that combines vocation and tradition with Research and Development to achieve excellence in every product.

Canned Fish and Seafood of the highest quality, always faithful to the same idea: the selection of the best product, craft treatment and own original recipes that have made us unique. With an ambitious objective: to develop the best products of our Rías Gallegas (Razorshells of the Ría de Arousa, Ribeira clams, cockles of Noya, Mussels of the Ria de Arousa …).

What differentiates Real Conservera Española from the rest? In the production, every tin is treated in a exclusive way, from the selection of the best pieces, cleanliness and packing everything is realized in a manual way taking care of any single detail and always supervised by a rigorous quality control without forgetting the tradition. We recovered from the tradition processes already forgotten as the toast of some fishes previous to the preserving.

Real Conservera Española has been recognized and rewarded for applying his Innovation and Development, an Engineering of the 21st century to a process of almost 100 years.

Trying to be the reference in the Premium segment by upgrading the Galician canned products to the level of other high added value propositions like caviar or foie. We have been able to get a foothold in the best national and international cuisines in the hand of the most renowned chefs.

Real Conservera Española exports to more than 20 countries of Europe, America, Oceania and Asia. With a presence in the leading distributors of Gourmet products in the world: the Club of the Gourmet of the Corte Inglés, Bread & Roses (France), Alois Dallmayr (Germany), Caviar House and Prunier (Switzerland)…