Navascués get that all the dresses have a signature unmistakable.

Cristina Martínez-Pardo Cobián is one of the great professionals of the sewing of Spain and her brand is considered a reference in the world of the design.

In Navascués we dedicate special attention to details, one of the maxims of our atelier. Many years of experience and an excellent team make possible that each design is unique. Always with the most exclusive cloths, a perfect mix of textures, embroidery, inlaid and lace, all our dresses have our signature unmistakable.

The company was born in 1985 and its objective is the same: to offer an exceptional treatment to the client and exclusivity in each designs. Cristina Martínez-Pardo has been learning over the years the importance of surrounding herself with the best professionals possible so she values ​​above all the teamwork. Among the strengths of the firm stands out the ability to innovate without losing sight of traditional methods of work and design.

Since the early 1980’s are the Spanish brides who have chosen Navascués for the design of their wedding dress but a few years ago many clients came from Europe, United States or Mexico. In addition, we have also received people from such exotic countries as the United Arab Emirates or Qatar. International expansion is one of the points the company intends to control in the short and medium term.

Navascués tries to differentiate itself from the rest through excellence, the maximum expression of the handmade works. Cristina receives each woman in her office and there she performs several personal interviews, accompanied by information about how the wedding will be, place, time of year, type of rite…