IE Reinventing Higher Education

IE offers a technology-driven learning ecosystem for leaders who make a real difference in the world through innovation, global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a unique focus on the humanities. Recognized as one of the world’s leading business schools, IE Business School has a faculty of more than 500 professors who teach students from 131 countries on its master, PhD and executive education programs.

Founded in 1973, IE now has delegations in 29 countries and its students undergo programs in cities that include Madrid, Segovia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Providence, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Cape Town, and Shanghai. IE has been recognized as the No. 1 institution in the world for the use of online and blended methodologies to transform the learning experience. Its alumni network comprises more than 50,000 graduates who currently hold management positions in some 165 countries.

An entrepreneurial character is one of the identity factors at IE. Students learn entrepreneurial management and have the option of working in Area 31, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Space that has been created on campus. As much as, or more, than entrepreneurship, IE differentiates itself through its special focus on technology. The focus on blended programs, programs that combine face-to-face learning with online sessions, has positioned IE as the best business school in the world in the 2017 Ranking of Online MBA Programs by Financial Times, and in the 2017 Ranking of QS Distance Online MBA. Reinforcing this focus on technology, IE launched its WOW Room in October 2016, the virtual classroom designed to make online classes even more real, for the student as well as the professors. With features such as facial and emotional recognition, live interaction and holograms, the WOW Room is the most innovative in Europe.

In line with this spirit of innovation, in October of 2016 IE launched its WOW Room, taking technological immersion to the next level. This futuristic learning space combines IE’s teaching excellence with cutting-edge technologies used to drive the class of the future. With this project, the first of its kind in Europe, IE is furthering its commitment to innovation, breaking with the traditional vision of onsite, blended, and online learning. #IEWOWRoom is revolutionizing the learning experience through artificial intelligence, simulations in real time, big data analysis, interactive robots, emotion recognition systems, and the presence of professors in hologram form.