Global Blue


“Leading worldwide company of Tax Free Shopping solutions” 

Global Blue invented the concept of Tax Free Shopping 37 years ago and is now the worldwide industry leader, enhancing the Globe Shopper experience and creating value for retailers and partners through a range of products and services:

• Global Blue’s Tax Free Shopping solutions allow thousands of retailers, including most of the world’s best luxury, fast fashion and department store brands, to quickly and safely offer Globe Shoppers savings of up to 20% when shopping in 305,000 stores around the world

• Global Blue’s SHOP is a targeted print and online media platform, enabling merchants to speak directly to Globe Shoppers and attract more international visitors through their doors

• Thanks to its worldwide footprint, Global Blue provides Business Intelligence reporting tools for merchants to track their performance and benchmark against competitors 

Global Blue operates in 51 countries, employing 1,900 people worldwide. For the period April 2016 to March 2017, Global Blue powered 32 million Tax Free Shopping. 

In addition, through the publication of over seven million SHOP magazines and maps, and the creation of a wide range of online content, Global Blue helps its retail partners reach and engage with more than 30 million Globe Shoppers annually.