Fundación Museo Sorolla


The Sorolla Museum aims to promote awareness and enjoyment of Joaquin Sorolla’ s legacy, paintings filled with colour that radiate light and vitally.

The Museo Sorolla Foundation was born even before the Museum and constitutes its very origin. It was instituted with the legacy of Sorolla’s widow, who left the family house and her private collections in addition to capital for the creation of a museum, to the Spanish state. The legacy was accepted and inscribed the new institution as a “Private benefic docent foundation,” which was governed from the start by a board of trustees. A part of the economic maintenance of the institution was assumed by the state. The Museum opened in 1932 under the name Fundación Museo Sorolla.

As time went by, the Museum transitioned to depend economically on the Spanish state and was integrated (1973) in the National Patronage of Museums, becoming a state museum. In 1993 the state museum formed with Sorolla’s widow’s legacy had to be separated from the Foundation, a private institution whose goods encompass Sorolla’s son’s legacy (formed by an important collection of paintings, drawings, books, and furniture, all of which are loaned to the Museum and receive equal treatment as the Museum’s private collections).

The Foundation has its headquarters in the Museum and all its income derives from its own activities and then invested in the Museum, organizing activities to finance research, publications, and exhibitions.

Research Projects

  • Cataloguing and sorting of the old Museo Sorolla photographic archive.
  • Rationalized cataloguing and digitalization of Sorolla´s correspondence.
  • Revision of the documentation relative to the individual exhibitions carried out by Sorolla during his lifetime.
  • Study of the frames of the Joaquín Sorolla works in the Museo Sorolla.
  • Cataloguing and sorting of the 5000 Sorolla sketches conserved in the Museum.


  • Clotilde de Sorolla (2012)
  • Fiesta y color (2013) Sorolla. Celebration and Water
  • El color del mar (2013) Sorolla. The color of the sea
  • Trazos en la Arena (2014-2015) Sorolla. Traces on the sand
  • Arte de la luz (2015) Sorolla. Art of light
  • Tierra adentro (2016) Sorolla. Inland
  • Sorolla en París (2016-2017) Sorolla in Paris
  • Sorolla en su paraíso (2017) Sorolla in his paradise
  • Un jardín para pintar (2017-2018) Sorolla. A garden to paint