Fundación MACBA


MACBA Foundation, 30 years promoting the MACBA Collection

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) had its official opening on 1995 and it is located in the historical centre of the city in a building designed by the North American architect Richard Meier.

The MACBA is managed through a Consortium created in 1988, made up by the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council, the Ministry of Culture and the MACBA Foundation.

The most remarkable feature of this Consortium is the public-private partnership that governs it since its inception. This model, a pioneer in the Spanish museum sector, is a benchmark in the management of large cultural institutions.

The museum’s mission is to disseminate contemporary art as well as to generate critical discussions around art and culture, with a transversal vision that welcomes different disciplines.

The MACBA Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation set up to promote the construction of a contemporary art museum in Barcelona and extend its artistic content, raising funds for the acquisition of art works for the MACBA Collection. Currently, the Foundation has the support of 100 individuals and 50 companies that offer their support every year.

The MACBA Collection brings together works from Catalan, Spanish and international artists, and currently it brings together more than 5,800 art works. The works are acquired following the proposals of the director of the museum, together with its International Advisory Committee.

The MACBA Foundation also supports the museum through the sponsorship of educational and social programs, among which stands out the following:

  • MACBA for families, a program that brings closer contemporary art to parents and sons, in a funny and educational way.
  • Accessibility Program. The museum is adapted architectonically and has integrated a program to bring closer contemporary art without barriers to a wide diversity of users.
  • Scholarships Program, a program for schools with limited economic situations or risk of exclusion. The scholarship offers both free transportation and free visit to the MACBA
  • Teacher’s Programmes, a series of courses, seminars and working days about contemporary art aimed to bring the knowledge to the teachers in order they can spread them to their students. The contemporary art fosters the critical capacity, generates debate and allows a better understanding of the world we live in.