Caruncho Garden&Architecture


Connect Landscape, Garden and Architecture is the motor of the new stage of the studio.


Fernando Caruncho, spanish landscape designer born in 1957, began to study Philosophy and continued his studies of Landscaping at the Batres Castle Gardening School.

In 1979, at 22 years old, he began his professional activity. Among these 38 years has performed both private and public projects, from private gardens to landscape planning interventions.

During the first years, his activity has been focused mainly in Spain, but from twenty years ago, his studio has gained greater international projection by developing numerous projects in EEUU, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand and Europe.

Member of the Art and Design of Florence Academy, has received numerous international awards and recognitions, and his work has been published in prestigious national and international media, books dedicated to landscaping and gardens, as well as in audiovisual media.

Dan Kiley, as the teacher of American landscape architects of the last century, expressed about his work:

“The design of the landscape should not be a superficial reordering of natural elements merely to delight the eye. There is a larger and greater order, and I feel confident that Fernando Caruncho is a man who is able to listen to this voice with his heart and translate it to the land with his mind”

The target of his projects is return the man to nature, designing Garden and Architecture from the Landscape, based on humanistic ideas. The main idea is generate a synergy between Garden, Architecture and Landscape, getting that the project works in a unitary way showing all the potential of the place. In the last years, with the incorporation of his sons, Fernando and Pedro, his activity in the world of Architecture has grown.

The work executed until 2000, can be found in the monographic, ‘MIRRORS OF PARADISE – THE GARDENS OF FERNANDO CARUNCHO’, published by Monacelli Press in New York and written by garden critics, Guy Cooper and Gordon Taylor.

The publication of his second book is expected for 2018.

Between his last projects, we can find public gardens as Pereda Gardens next to Botin Art Center designed by Renzo Piano in Santander and Santar Garden Village in Portugal, As well as private projects in Maine, Greece, Tuscany and Switzerland.