Delpozo, a prêt-à-couture house inspired by organic architecture

Jesús del Pozo founded in Madrid in 1974 the brand that would become Delpozo. Under his creative direction, the brand was celebrated for its creativity and commitment to craftsmanship. To protect the tradition of artistry in the fashion industry, the designer established a foundation to promote educational initiatives for young talent. Since its inception in 2003, the Jesús del Pozo Foundation has helped over eighty students complete their first professional experiences. Currently, it promotes, as well, the legacy of the founder through different activities such as exhibits and publishing a book in 2015. In the Almirante Street, in Madrid, where the first atelier and store of the couturier were located, hangs a commemorative plaque.

In 2011, after the passing of its founder, the Perfumes & Diseño Group acquires the brand to embark on the international relaunch of Delpozo appointing Josep Font as creative director.

Delpozo embraces time-honored couture techniques with a modern sensibility to create unique and feminine pieces for the modern woman. A combination of contrasting elements defines the universe of the prêt-à-couture house. The hallmarks of the atelier include a creative approach to volume, color, and silhouette and artisan techniques and intricate embroideries are used throughout the collections to create an ethereal and timeless aesthetic. The handmade embroidery is masterfully created with the most exquisite and avant-garde materials, using techniques from both Haute Couture and the Ecole Lesage of Paris. The expert craftsmanship and intricate appliqué detailing are innately consistent with Delpozo’s prêt-à-couture philosophy.

Since its relaunch, Delpozo has had a clear international vision.  As of its second collection, Fall-Winter 2013, all its fashion shows have taken place during New York Fashion Week. In 2015, the first complete accessories collection is presented which drinks from the DNA of the brand. The prêt-à-couture house has flagship stores in Madrid and London, with the next opening in Dubai. The brand is preparing the launch of its first perfume.

Modern Artisanship: A modern aesthetic rooted in traditional haute couture techniques.

Redefined Quality: A belief that unseen details should be as refined as the collections themselves.

Timeless Sensibility: A commitment to creating product that stands the test of time.