Dehesa de Los Llanos


Artisan, single farm products. 

Dehesa de Los Llanos, over centuries of history, has been one of the main meeting places of the economic, social, cultural and spiritual life in Albacete. At the moment, the company undertakes different business lines, including a wine cellar and a Manchego Cheese farm house, for what we exclusively use our estate sheeps milk. This cheese has been awarded as the Best Cheese in the World in 2012.

Estate philosophy: supply genuine products, conveying the personality of the land where they grow and the care of the hands that raise it.

Dehesa de Los Llanos is commited to the implementation of these values:

  • Quality: The product quality won´t be compromised, taking care of the raw materials since the beginning.
  • Capacity: We won´t asume commitments that cannot be fulfilled.
  • Traditional: We will implement tradicional production methods as long as they add value to the final product.
  • Technology: We will make use of the latest technology advancements compatible with our own manufacture charasteristics.
  • Nature: We will protect the environment.




In December 2012, Dehesa de Los Llanos (PDO Manchego Artesano) Gran Reserva aging format was awarded as the World Champion by the World Cheese Awards, the most important international contest in the sector. This is an outstanding award that joins the other great international prizes that Dehesa de Los Llanos has collected. Gran Reserva becomes the Manchego Cheese most awarded worldwide. All of our cheeses are made with raw milk from the flock of our own estate. Technology and natural procedures come together during the aging period, as we take a total control of the process.


Dehesa de Los Llanos has kept one of its best smallholdings, which was already used by the Franciscan monks during the XVII century, to grow varieties of the Mediterranean grapes that best suit the land and the extreme climate of the area: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Graciano, for the red wines, and Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo for the white ones. Dehesa de Los Llanos produces seven different Tierra de Castilla wine labels under the trade name MAZACRUZ.