Creative vocation of endowing our jewels with an artistic value.

Bagués – Masriera was funded in Barcelona in 1839 with the creative vocation of endowing our jewels with an artistic value. With more than 150 years of tradition, our works represent the essence of the Mediterranean culture, chromatic synthesis of languages where color and elegance add their attributes to singularity and perfection. Pioneers in the art of the sophisticate techniques of the fired enamel applied to jewellery, from our historical participation in the movements of the Art Nouveau and the Art Deco, our creations form part today of the collections of some of the most important Museums worldwide. Our faithfulness to quality principles and the vocation of cultural production have constituted the basis for our international presence in different markets in Asia, America and Europe. Today, once again, our project continues renewing its compromise to build that difficult balance where modernity and eternity live together under the sign of the creative strictness and the validity of our values.